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RLB Systems is a specialized developer, implementer and operator of technology based government solutions. Our mission is to assist governments to enhance the service delivery experience of its citizens. It is through this enhanced citizen experience that revenue is grown and compliance improved. With greater disposable income, government is able to further enhance service delivery and in so doing, win the hearts and minds of its people.


We believe in continuous improvement, technical and service delivery excellence coupled with out of the box thinking. We achieve our mission by iteratively adapting our solutions to the constantly changing landscape of needs.

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our Product overview
RLB Systems provide user-friendly tools that make it easy to develop, deploy and update critical municipal processes.

Defining and adapting citizen management processes is key to ensuring success in addressing the ever-changing requirements of Government.


Project Requirements, Analysis and Planning


Solution Design


Solution Development


User acceptance testing (``UAT``) and Solution Testing


Deployment of the Solution


Post implementation support and maintenance.

Software systems created to improve services, increase revenue and optimize productivity.

Our overriding objective is to enable government to increase citizen compliance and maximize revenue collection!


A perception of value, honesty and integrity of the process by the citizen is needed for sustainability. The citizen must see the long-term value of their contribution.

Business Support

We understand that a pure focus on short term revenue enhancement does not necessarily translate into long term sustainable revenue growth for government.

Rapid Deployment

Our unique solutions combine the power of configurable, generic, services based platform development with advanced mobile capabilities.