ICE Field Service

Using the mobile devices the survey team is able to collect a multitude
of information regarding the location such as:
● GPS Coordinates
● Photographs
● Details of property and land
● Owner and tenant details
● Scanned copies of old documents
● Calculate the size of a building or plot of land using satellite images with 98% accuracy

Using these surveys municipalities can create an e-cadastre where one does not currently exist. The drill-down capability of the map allows the user to see street view photos of each property.

Survey information can be viewed and verified by a supervisor using the back-office application. Surveys may be sent back to the tablets for further information if required

Field Service Agents can perform surveys on businesses as well to confirm the validity of shop licences. Unregistered businesses now form part of the electronic business registry and can in future be invoiced and inspected. The devices have offline capability and users will be able to perform almost all functions even without internet access Multiple entities can be surveyed at each location.


Using a laser measuring device, teams can accurately measure the size of each advertising sign to calculate the fees due. Field Service Agents can take a photo of the advertising sign and mark the photos with the measurements from the device for billing purposes.

The ICE Meter Data Management System (MDMS) controls the flow of information from various types of meters and stores the meter readings in a central database in a logical, retrievable manner for statistical analysis and billing.

Infringement Management, Utility Management