ICE Utility







The integrated customer database contains all necessary information for persons and businesses in a specific area or nationally. The number of contact persons and locations per account are UNLIMITED! Now citizens only have ONE ACCOUNT with which to interact with government. All land, properties, vehicles, businesses and advertising signs are linked.

All information necessary for the calculation of property taxes and/or electricity and water consumption charges is stored in the Customer and Property Registers with drill-down functionality between the registers for a 360° view of the country database.

The products and services to be invoiced can be set up as products with their own unique information per product. This includes:

  • Product code
  • Product description
  • Unit of measure (e.g. kWh or GJ or kL)
  • Relevant Tariff Structure
  • Conversion
  • VAT setup

Every product is linked to a price list so that the pricing is automatically generated when invoices are raised. A product can be linked to multiple price lists. Price lists can also, be set for a specific period, for example during the peak months.

ICE-UTILITY is an incredible powerful billing engine capable of calculating any tax or other fee based on a set of variables as prescribed by law Invoices and receipts are designed to be compliant with local legislation. Dunning runs are performed to remind customers about
unpaid invoices. These can be sms, e-mail or hand delivered reminders depending on the collection status and the legal requirements for collections.

ICE-UTILITY records amounts due for withholding tax on rental income. Tenants pay directly to government and these payments are recorded in the system. Should the tenant not pay the owner becomes liable. Tenant movements are recorded in the property register as well as the history of ownership to ensure that the taxes are paid by the correct party.

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